Podcast 38: Debate – “Is The Bible God’s Word?”

This week, we present a debate on the question, “Is The Bible God’s Word?” The debate was streamed live when it was recorded, and is also available on Youtube.. The participants of the debate were former guest and Christian, Elijiah Thompson, and Atheist, Kile Jones.

Let us know what you thought of the debate, how our guests did, and any suggestions for future debates.

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2 comments on “Podcast 38: Debate – “Is The Bible God’s Word?”

  1. Andy H on said:

    When talking about prophecy, none of your speakers seemed to realize that the people writing the new testament probably had the old testament in front of them to pick out quotations that would tie in with a nice story to weave around jesus. Which is more probable, that the prophets were magical, or the new testament writers were cheating?

  2. Jesus Coming Back –
    Peter also thought it was incumbent upon him, and the others agreed, that they should select a 12th.

    They did this in Acts. They were wrong. They misquoted scripture and were plain wrong. Their expectations evolved as they a grew in their understanding of God’s plan.

    Peter later states in his epistles that God’s coming would be a very long time. This was much later in his life.

    Elijah pointed that a modest understanding of the Biblical inspiration confirms that an answer would be forthcoming to the seeker.

    Great Job on that Elijah. A debate critique would be to close your response by addressing the expected denial from ignorance that did follow by your opponent.

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